Turning 30 is not difficult, 31 is!

turning old

People say turning 30 is difficult; for me it was not. But this year when I am turning 31, I am freaking out. Every morning from last few days, the Joey inside me is screaming… Why God, Why? I don’t remember feeling sad about my age even for a moment last year. May be because “turning 30” comes within quotes. It’s a fancy thing. You feel that you have grown wiser and you are the youngest one in thirties. You are determined that now you will plan your future better, save well and start speaking smartly. A year later I realize, I am still the same. I still have no plans for my future, I continue to be an impulsive buyer and all my speaking skills have reached another level of low. So yes, I am freaking out to be 31. Read on to know my ageing struggles.

Stress + Hormones = Weirdo Me

I had no idea I have so much of stress and that my hormones are as weird as me. I book an Uber everyday to office and yes, I have written a post on Uber Drivers previously, but I didn’t mention the worse side. That every day, I need to convince the driver to not cancel the ride and come and pick me up even after paying a high rate to Uber. Also, I have to keep convincing him throughout the ride that neither the road nor the traffic is my fault. Dealing with this everyday is stressful. Besides, reaching office was fun when I was younger because my colleagues were my friends. Now, I am too old to be their friend. Also, all the weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings and reports are always there to increase my stress level. So, I am always under stress and apparently stress doesn’t go well with your hormones because of which you will get weird health problems.

Age + Laziness = Fat Me

This was always a problem but in the last one year, it has increased 10x. I used to envy people with high metabolism, now, I hate them. I read it somewhere that you cannot be careless about your eating habits after 30. You should eat more of healthy food and cut down on junk. But why are my taste buds not ageing along with me. I still love Kurkure, Panipuri, Momos and Biriyani and my hatred towards fruits and vegetables have not changed at all. Besides, I have become lazy or may be I always was. I give up on myself every morning. I don’t walk, run or do any sort of exercise now. Sometimes I do go for a run just to give surprise visits to the regular runners/walkers of the society. There was a time when I used to run in the morning and do yoga in the evening. I can blame God for growing old not for growing fat, it’s me. Just that, I am angry why couldn’t God give me higher metabolism…why God why?

People + Jokes = Angry Me (Super Angry Me)

Yeah, I got married and I am putting on weight and people, it has nothing to do with me getting married. It is me eating all the junk food without working out. And when you joke around saying I might be pregnant, I get super angry. I might be smiling outside but I am hating you for life for saying that. This is the time when i don’t connect with People’s jokes. I don’t relate to the younger and older as if I am stuck in between. Also, I have more relatives and fewer friends in life now and we all know that this is not the balance we want. So, turning 31 has no perks.

But yes, it’s my birthday and I should be feeling positive. I will try ok and fine I have a ‘To Do List’ for this year too which I hope I can follow at least for a month. Bye for now folks!

The Uber Driver who told ‘Boys Log Kaminey Hote Hain’

I am one of those who feel services like ola and uber have made our lives easier. I commute to work every day by uber and I meet interesting uber drivers every day, well most of the times. On rare occasions, I meet drivers who are rude, completely unfamiliar with the route and the ones who just look stern. I do get frustrated when I meet the later type, complain and at times fight with them. Fortunately, most of the times, I meet the interesting ones – the uber driver who told ‘boys kaminey hote hai’, another one who enjoys the diversity in Indian culture, then the one who is property inquisitive. Want to meet them? I don’t remember their names but I am sure you will find them cute as much as I did.

The Uber Driver who told ‘Boys log kaminey hote hai’

Well, when I started my ride I was pretty upset. A small argument with husband, lots of work at office and a painful body from my initial stunts at the gym were good enough reasons to make me cry. For the ones who don’t know this, I cry quite often. So, I was sad with tears rolling over my cheeks when my cab driver asked me ‘Boyfriend se jhagra hua madam. Parwa nhi, boys log kaminey hote hai’. That was it. It was not funny but the way he told, lighten up everything. I wiped my tears and smiled at him, also agreeing to what he said. I was not happy but not sad either for the rest of the evening.

The Uber Driver who believes in ‘Unity in diversity’

It was a regular morning when I got into an uber cab towards my office. After just a few minutes, he asked me nasta hua madam. I told, ‘yes bhaiya tindi aaitu’. He smiled and asked if I know Kannada. I told him I just know a few basic phrases but I think he liked my effort. He appreciated my gesture and shared how he enjoys the diversity he sees in the city. He meets people from different culture every day and it seems he enjoys his job because of that.

The Property Inquisitive Uber Driver

This guy was direct. He asked if I rent the place where he picked me up from or do I own it. I told I rent and I do not have money to own one. The explanation was not needed and I have no clue why I said that. He then asked me what is the rent for the flat and how many rooms we have. He asked how much would be the cost if someone wants to buy it and then talked about property and cost in different places of Bangalore. I don’t remember the property details but he made me think for a moment that I should definitely stop buying shoes and start planning about properties.

There are many such drivers whom I meet every day. They share stories with me and at times I share mine too. We complain about traffic and admire the weather together. Sometimes, I share my chocolate or chips with them. Sometimes they give me reasons to smile and few times I bring a smile on their face. There are lot of things that I complain about life and I will keep complaining but moments like these do make me feel good about life. As they say, be happy not because everything is good but because you see good in everything.

Can dark be beautiful & lovely?

Dark is beautiful. Is it? Do we seriously believe it? May be, we have started accepting it but there are conditions. It is beautiful till we compare it to fairness. Once we compare, of course, fair is lovelier than dark.

Plato said, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. But aren’t we all blind folded with preconceived notions. We don’t feel beauty, we judge it. We have already defined beauty within boundaries that we are unable to surpass. Fair is lovelier than dark. Slim is sexier than curves. Blue eyes are more desirable than black eyes. How often do we see beyond these notions?

Reading the above two paragraphs, you might have already declared me as ‘dark’ trying to be ‘beautiful’. Well yes, my skin color is dusky but I am not trying to be tagged as beautiful. That’s because I want to believe my complexion doesn’t define my beauty.

I am not trying to debate here on dark being beautiful or not. I am just trying to understand who defines beauty. A smart educated man very recently told me, “I accept I am an Indian and we are trained to believe fair is lovely”. He further says that he finds blue/green eyes more desirable. Though I couldn’t argue with the person, his words made me think about our notions of beauty.

I like tall men but does it mean, all shorter men are unattractive. No, it is not and it shouldn’t. Why do we judge and why do we compare? Can’t we just let it be? Can’t we keep fair and dark both beautiful as well as lovely. Can we start feeling the beauty within a person? When we can love our mother irrespective of her complexion, can’t we not do the same for all.

What should we do or rather what I want us to do? I want us to pick our words carefully. I want us to not define beauty. Because unless we are careful, we will continue to do the same. We will pass on the same notions to our younger generations and this will never stop. Beauty will always remain a captive and so will our minds.

How to style flared pants

Flare pants are in these days; I picked up a denim one from Bangalore central few weeks back. I tried to pair it up with different top wears but this one is my favourite. A striped blue and white shirt tucked in with flare denim pants. I picked up the shirt from Bangkok platinum mall last year. It cost me just 200 Baht so 400 in rupees. While I usually wear this shirt with regular jeans, this one did quite a bit of justice with the flare denims as well.

Pair-up Ideas for flare trousers

  1. Crop Top with Flare Trousers

This one is a thumbs-up for those with a slim structure. For a denim flare trousers, you can pick up a plain white crop top. Also, don’t forget the printed – plain rule. If your trousers are plain, you can pair it up with a printed top but if your trousers are printed, make sure to pair it up with a plain solid top.

  1. Shirt tucked in with Flare Trousers

This is something what I did and I have a medium built. This gives an elegant touch to the casual flare pants. It could be easily worn to office as well as for a coffee or lunch date.

  1. Plain Top with Flare Trousers

When in doubt, pair it up with a racer back or noodle strap plain tshirt. You can either tuck in or leave it depending on the length of the tshirt. This can be a go-to outfit for any day outing.

So, what’s your pair-up idea for flare pants. Share in the comment section below. Also, do let me know which one of the above combination you liked the most.

The Final Episode – and I met him

When I started my matrimonial search almost 2 years back, I didn’t know this journey would be so interesting. It took me two years to meet him but we do have a small history to share. During my initial struggling days with matrimonial sites, I did sent him an interest and guess what, he pinged me back. It was not a yes but it didn’t sound like a no too. He messaged saying he is in talks with someone and though he finds me pretty, he wouldn’t be able to take it forward. So, I was officially rejected over someone else. But that message kind of touched my heart. I have rejected so many and many has rejected me but none of us have been generous enough to leave an explanation. This is how, the boy leaves his first impression. More than a year passed and I literally forgot him when I read a message in office about someone saying ‘hi’. He claimed that I have sent him an interest in the matrimony site, I do not deny because the previous day I blindly sent interest to many. You can imagine my level of frustration and pressure from loved ones for marriage. I still don’t get it how things used to revolve only around my marriage all the time. I did respond to his message but I had no clue that it is the same guy who rejected me a year back. It was next day morning when my mother told me that he is the same guy. The Hyderabad guy turned to a complete Delhite in just a year.

The next day evening we talked over the phone for an hour. Yes, our first phone conversation was hour long. We talked about school and college, mostly his college and finally hung up with a date to meet. No, it was not a date, just a date to meet. Sunday evening it was when I waited for him near a cafe and Mr. Delhi comes 7 minutes late. This was good enough reason to piss me off, but surprisingly, I was in a good mood. We went to an old school cafe lounge. We (me sipping green tea and he enjoying cold cafe) talked more. He kept talking about his love for sports, his adventurous rides and Delhi and food and Picket and food and Hyderabad and food. After almost an hour, someone called him and he walked away to take the call; another not great impression but I surely was in a good mood to ignore that too. He comes back from the call and proposes for dinner. Along with being in a good mood, I might have been hungry too because I did say yes which I usually don’t do. We went to a Biriyani place for dinner. We talked a little more about food. After dinner, we went for a walk. I should call it ‘the walk’ because it was during that walk I made up my mind to see him again. Post the meeting, we went for many walks which eventually led us take the decision of getting married. Its been almost a year since our first walk and next month, I am getting married to him.

Strange isn’t it. Great first impression over a message, 2 bad impression during first meeting and I still decide to marry him. I didn’t even like the t-shirt he was wearing on the first day. Then what made me fall for him? May be a few sparks. I asked him ‘why is he opting for an arranged marriage and he replied who said? I might be opting for love.’ He remembered that I like Biriyani when he chose the dinner place. He pulled the chair for me. May be he smiled with his eyes when he looked at me. May be I managed to figure out the child behind the 6 feet tall man in the very first meeting. I don’t know the reason for choosing him but I feel I have made the perfect choice.

They say ‘marriages are made in heaven’ and I think they say the truth.

A Special Note for the 3rd Floor Guys

3rd Floor, Main Building, Portea will never be complete for me without mentioning Mayank, Siddu, Sumbul and Shruti but I must say, everyone in this floor is awesome. I will miss you all and before I say goodbye to meet you again sometime, here’s a few lines for few of you.

Brian – The perfect gentleman

I always wonder how you can be so well-behaved and well-spoken all the time. You are such an inspiration and it’s always fun to work with you.

Surendar Ji – The cool man with a desi heart

You were one of my first lunch partners and someone who made me feel home when I joined Portea; thank you. I used to love listening to your stories about Riddhi. Your bond with her is so special and it reminds me of mine with my father 🙂

Runam – The Super Woman

How do you manage everything with a smile? I feel the clock competes with you. I will miss you during breakfasts 🙁  I still owe you a top from Siddu 🙂

Karthik Selvam – The Rude Boy

I will miss you. I am sure, we will be in touch. At least invite me sometime for lunch at your place.

Paridhi – The Ever Ready Bride

I love your straight on face answers. You are adorable the way you are 🙂

Reeshma – The Craziest Girl I have met

You are so crazy and that makes everyone love you more. I can never forget anything about you..be as you are always. I love you 🙂

Amrut & Sharad – The Cool Dudes

You both will be kids for me and I am fine with you both calling me Aunty 🙂 Boys, be good and always stay happy.

Ritu – The Beautiful Girl

When we first met to discuss about NA badges, least that I know, we will be friends. But the more I came to know about you, the more I admired you. Ritu, you are a beautiful person inside out 🙂

Shafali – The Photo Ready Girl

You are mad and you know that. Be in touch and please take care of yourself. I love you 🙂

Yeshu – The Man with an Iron Hand

Whom will you bother now for content and creative..Just kidding. Be as you are always…loud, clear and bindaas. Love for both of your daughters 🙂

Famous – The Taunting Boy

Enough of all the taunts, now let’s remain friends. Thank you for tolerating me for two years and you should thank me too for doing the same. You are a nice boy and a better friend. Take care of yourself and Sreedevi 🙂

Kushal – The Cool Kid

Yes, you are a kid. Last few days at Portea were better because you were sitting beside me. I came to know you more and knowing you was fun. Keep in touch and stay random 🙂

Kingshuk – Awwwww

Kingky, you still owe me chicken curry. I will be in touch with you for lab tests for sure.

Priyanka – My Nutritionist Friend

You are beautiful and always fun to be around. I will follow your diet as I want to look better for my wedding and after. Stay happy and cool always as you are.

Siddharth – World’s Nicest Boy

I know you are not but I love calling you that. Sorry for being rude most of the times. Trust me, I am not that bad outside office. All the best 🙂

Kotha – The Teacher

I wish you joined few months earlier so that I could learn from you more. I hope I can still call you to learn new things. You are a great team player and a great addition for the marketing team.

Vaatsalya – The girl with a golden heart

I have so much to learn from you. You bring immense positivity and I think I am a better person when I am around you. You have this habit of bringing the good out of people. Always be the way you are. I love you Vats and I will miss you 🙂

Kavita – You are special

Last but not the least, thank you Kavita for giving me an opportunity to work at Portea. All managers realize when their reportees are upset but very few dare to ask; you do. Half of my issues in the last two years were solved just by talking to you. Thank you Kavita for all the learning and support.

Goodbye all till we meet again, soon.

Episode 3: The One with Blue Blood


Yes, what an achievement for me. One blue blooded prince showed some interest on a commoner like me 😛

He told me he is from a Royal Family and his ancestors were kings and queens. I asked him, ofcourse sarcastically, if I should call him prince. Unfortunately, he didn’t get my sarcasm and instead replied ‘yes but not much of a royalty these days’. He was a tall, good looking man. Yes, a man and not a boy – at least he talked like a matured man.

He talked to me twice and chatted not more than 5 times. Our usual conversation was always centered around how much I eat. He was slightly on the heavier side but does that mean food can be the only topic of discussion between us. After a point, I was tired of explaining that I can survive without having dinner and at times, breakfast. That won’t kill me  and it’s fine.

I didn’t find him interesting but he was a well spoken man and a man with a huge pay cheque which kept him quite high on matrimony level. But our royal prince was still a prince and not a king. He wanted me to meet his parents before he could meet me. I found it weird but as I was visiting my home, I said okay. Before the grand meeting with parents, he did matched our horoscope and checked if I am a suitable match. I guess ours matched and that’s how I cleared through the first round of interview with the royal prince.

A simple looking old Assamese couple waited for me in the Guwahati Airport along with my father and sister who came to pick me up. Every mother thinks her son is the most handsome man in the world; even K JO’s mom does but she could have spared the praises for her son’s good looks. I was not impressed with his good looks as much with his speaking abilities. The queen and the king scanned me and my nervous father; I think my sister too. The king treated us with a cup of chai and some snacks from the Airport café. We left in half an hour but those thirty minutes were good enough for them to reject me as the bride for their handsome son. I guess they didn’t like my petite physical frame, the car my father came in, my father’s nervousness, my smartness or my complexion or just all of it. I didn’t care much but I do hate the prince for ruining my holidays. All 10 days, my mother kept talking about the royal family and kept guessing my not likeable traits that might have made them reject me. I kept consoling her saying, ‘matches are made in heaven maa’. Thus happened my first rejection in the matrimony front.

When I look back and think I feel it was for the good. I am a smart, independent girl with a decent career and income. A girl with a slightly feminist heart, too much love for her parents and a little too frank – a total misfit for a royal family. Besides, I wouldn’t have looked good with the handsome but fat prince. Yes, he was not slightly on the heavier side, I was just trying to be nice.

He kept visiting my profile often even after the Airport episode. May be he liked me but sorry Prince, you are no king to make your own decisions. Good luck to you in finding your princess 🙂

My 8 Favourite Diwali Ads, this year

Round Shaped Lanterns

Hope you had a great one!

Every Diwali, we come across various television commercials but all of them have the same flavor and we hardly remember any of those after just a few weeks. But from last year, we have seen a change in the approach. This year too, some of the brands have come up with warm commercials that leave a mark on your heart while subtly talking about the brand. Here are few Diwali ads from year 2016 that I really loved and would definitely remember for few years. Though not each of them connected with the brand that well, the impact was quite strong and memorable.

Meri Pehli Diwali by Bajaj

Daag ache he by Surf Excel

Is Diwali Traffic mat karo, Pay TM karo

How Citi Card gives an awesome idea to make Diwali extra special for loved ones

Is Diwali, kuch badal k dekho with Pepperfry

Diwali  wale din kurta pajama nhi pehna to kesi Diwali says Manyavaar

Dil bada to Diwali badi by Reliance fresh

This Diwali, Unbox Zindagi  with Snapdeal

So, which one is your favorite? Leave your comments and feel free to add more, not included in this list.

Episode 2 – Mr. Cold

When I mentioned cold, I meant it literally and was not referring to other adjectives like being cool or chilled out. Sorry for being brutally honest but I found him quite cold.

Matrimony thingy is a complex affair. Even though few of us might be introverts, we need to speak up to let the other person know us and understand us to make a wise decision. Dude, if you are cold and mum..how do you suppose me to know you; forget about understanding you.

Mr. Cold was a decent looking guy with a decent income and seems to come from a decent family. All three decent thingies for me to give it a shot. We started chatting which was nothing less than answering a questionnaire for a nutritionist for me. What to you eat, what do you exercise, what do you like, where do you work and bla and bla. Oh yes, he did ask me ‘Are you a party person?’ My reply was honest; can’t help being one. I answered ‘I am not a party animal but I am okay with few hangouts once in a while. However, every weekend partying is not my cup of tea.’ I think he didn’t like my reply. Well, good for him.

The chat before we met was quite interesting indeed. He pinged me on a Saturday morning asking let’s meet up for lunch. I was like I did tell you that I just lazy around on weekends but that obviously doesn’t give you the right to plan a meet in few hours. I might have been busy which I think I was but more than that, I wanted him to tell me at least a day in advance. At least till we are someone to each other. I told let’s meet on Sunday..he bluntly replied no, I am busy. I said cool.

Mr. Cold repeated the same thing the week after and as usual, I was pissed off. I left him a lengthy message making it clear that I don’t want to meet him as I don’t feel any connection or seriousness from his end. For the first time, he seemed persuasive and he convinced me to meet. I so wish I was not convinced.

Mr. Cold invited me to a Starbucks few kilometres away from my place whereas there was one just a few steps away. I reached at exactly 5 pm when he casually pinged, I will be 10 minutes late. I gave him minus 5 for this stupidity. He came in late and I was already sipping a horrible tasting cold coffee by then. At the first glance, I just felt he was slightly warmer for his decent looks but he was not. He was cold, really cold.

Mr. Cold claimed to know Salsa dance form. I felt wow but I wish he could do the Ganpati Bisharjan step or some fun Bollywood steps. Strangely, I don’t remember anything much except his cold smile. He was like a food platter well garnished but without any strong feel of spice. He just need some life to his face, some spark and the urge to breathe and be himself. I just wished he could have been more human and less robot.

After the pathetic cold meeting, both of us mutually decided to ignore each other. Though my choice of words have been slightly harsh in this one, I hold no hard feelings for Mr. Cold. I wish him warmth, life and smiles for future 😊

I Wish


I wish to Fly
I wish to Swim
I wish to Dance
But more than that I wish to Smile

I wish to See
I wish to Play
I wish to Feel
But more than that I wish to Breathe

I wish to Know
I wish to Learn
I wish to Relearn
But more than that I wish to Speak

I wish, I wish and I wish….