I still remember….

I still remember the essence of that land and the smell of the soil which I used to mix with water and serve to my toy mates. That was the first dish I prepared in my life during the game of “randha-baati”. I still remember the taste of the “bogori”, mixed with green chilies, salt and a tint of sugar. The taste used to be just doubled when it were from someone else’s backyard. How can I forget the craving for the “tetelis” in the highest branches of the tree? I do remember the fragrance of the “sewali” flower at the dawn of the day and throughout the chilling night. I still hear the sounds of “Doba of Thaan” in some corner of my heart. Still remember the days of “bihu”, when dressed up in “maa’s mekhla-chadar”, used to tune my feet to the melody of friend’s “bihu geet” and clapping of hands. I still remember my fasting during “astami” and breaking the fast with “borof” in the “Gorokhia Thaan”. Still remember the five days of merriment during the time of “durga puja”. Still remember my journey from a child to youth in that land of my sweet home. Still remember each passing stone and each passing memory. I still remember those days and still live them throughout my dreams. Away from my land, I still behold every touch with that land. I still remember and I still remember….

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