My roads and my choices…

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference”

Few of the best lines by Robert Frost. These few lines led me a ride back to nostalgia.It made me think about my life, my roads and my choices. While living a simple life from childhood, life never came up with any great choices for me. My roads were always trivial but it did make a difference though. Before i realized the meaning of the word choice, i was sent to a convent school, thus leaving me no choice in this case. However i never regret this road taken for me. Those twelve years were a ride through paradise.But never knew the fact that paradise too have demons.

Yeah right, in school days the only demons were books and teachers. And for me maths was the fiercest. I still remember, i was at the eighth grade and i had to chose between Advance Mathematics and Geography. I had disliking towards both the subjects, however i was against AM more. When just Math was such a horror, can’t even imagine the terror of AM. However my dearest father had some other plans, he convinced me to chose the terrifying one. That is a different story, will share some other day. I took AM and cleared it well.

However after school, i got my right to choose with permission though.This was just a small choice of my life, there were many and there will be many. I will pen those down some other day. I too have seen two roads always and though i am not sure of how many traveled by the same but my choice did make a change.

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