How much we observe?

Since the day of Adam and Eve, boys and girls are seen as two different species opposite in nature and everything existing. If boys are left, girls are right, boys love blue and girls love pink, girls are emotional and boys are not and many such things. Times have changed now and it is pretty difficult to distinguish between girls and boys with their appearance. You can look around the streets, girls are in jeans with short hair and boys are with long hairs wearing all sort of accessories available around their body. This is just a lighter viewpoint over the whole thing. Not just the appearance but the thinking process has much changed. People have stopped thinking with that particular end line tag of boy and girl. People are much advanced and the world is growing. But a slight deeper observance.How much this has changed? Girls may dress up in jeans and tees and roam in the streets with much confidence but after the sunset there is still the sense of insecurity hovering around. Girls are as advanced as boys in every field. A girl has a job, she is financially secure, she is well to do in everything then why is it necessary to take a certain amount of luxury added while going to her so called real home after marriage. Why is it necessary to call every married woman as Mrs.wife though she has an identity of herself. There are still people who smiles but miserly with the born of a baby girl. Bachelor is still a tag of pride while spinsterhood  comes with disharmony. When a man is a Phd holder he is Dr. man but when a lady is a Phd holder she is Dr. & Miss/Mrs. Lady. ( A real life example). When everyone believe in the trend of the growing henpecked husbands in the society, don’t we think we are overlooking the society where husbands still bit his wife. When we are busy in the well developed cities running after money and luxury, are we over looking the thousands of houses where our modern ladies accepts compromises in every single step of life. Are we really growing when these things are still the same. Give a thought over it.

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