It seems as if i am the most saddest person in the planet

A very bad topic to write one’s blog but everything is silly with me and this one is a resultant. Sometimes it happen. You feel as if you are the most upset and unwanted creature in this world. I am undergoing the same feeling today. My mind says what i am feeling is wrong because i have many people around who care for me and love me a lot. But upset days are very stubborn ones too. I am not listening to my mind. I am dying to listen a sad song and cry for hours and make my eyes red and swell. Wishing to eat hundreds of chocolates and thus turn out all the depressions into calories. It seems as if today is the most saddest day of my life and i am the most miserable person in the planet. Devoid of all happiness, i am surviving lonely. It is funny but true, when you are upset you become more poetic. At least i do. Below is therefore a poetic something crying out my emotions with each and every letters.

“The world was a Paradise and i was God’s favorite child,
Among the Angels i was the Princess,
Pampered and loved, that was me
Until the destruction day came
My Angels left and everything went wrong
No more a Princess i am,
No more loved me is

Lonely in this world

I crave for happiness

A tint of smile and a ocean of tears,

Is this life or is this fate?

questions and questions…

where the answers are?

The answer is a question itself Destination is no where it seems

My heart cries…not for me

But for loneliness of itself

My lines will go on…….

But i want to stop.

Where to find the end stop?

There is no end to my lines

And there is no end to my miseries…….”

Waiting to write with a happier tone next time!

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