My 9 hours of a day

Hey every one, today i will write about the 9 hours of my every day. Oh! you might be confused, let me explain. I am talking about the special 9 hours of each day which allows Goddess Lakshmi to enter my bank account at the end of each month and settle there for the first 10 days at least. You got it right, my 9 hours at office. Everyday i enter my office at exactly 9 a.m. and enter the world of order and discipline. I sit in the same place around the same bunch of people and also in front of the same rectangle shaped system. I do the same work for the whole day. The worst part is people around me even behave the same way every day. They use a very typical and serious or you can say a very formal kind of language while addressing each other. I too try to give a very formal and artificial kind of “hi” to everyone. All 9 hours i sit straight in my seat and act to work very seriously in my system. You have to behave very decently and formally while walking, sitting and even smiling. I try very hard to maintain that restricted smile which very rarely turns to laughing in office. The only place where i can relax is the washroom. So in one sentence i can say it is a very boring life. Better to say a punishment in the name of life. Just for a few bugs how can i lead such a life. Oh God! My life is hell.


Let’s look at the other way round. In this dull life when suddenly a dashing young fellow joins my office, i say “wow this is life”, when one day the stern uncle sitting in front of me gives me a sweet smile i feel he is the sweetest person, when once i am upset  and controlling my tears and my colleagues shares the shoulder of a friend and try to make me laugh, that moment i feel i am the luckiest one, when suddenly in the morning i see my Eod response as “awesome” i feel  i am in the top of the world, when some one in the team brings sweet from his home i can feel as i am around family and mostly when someday i buy gifts for my mom and dad with my own earning, the spark i see in their eyes, my heart speaks out “to see that 1 minute spark in my parents eyes, i can live a life time of such 9 hours.”

I always see first the suffering side of my life and i am sure most of you guys too do the same. I tried to see it in a different way and to tell you the truth it feels great. I tried to color my 9 hours with these colorful thoughts. And now i can say my 9 hours of a day are not that bad, i can say quite good. I can even say very good. Yes i love my life now because i have found a better way to look at it.

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