My being human t-shirt…

Wondering about the title and the category of the post, just don’t be. The reason behind my grouping this post in this category will be revealed till the end of this post. This one is all about the purchase of my latest t-shirt. And if someone can be passionate about things, yes i am for this one. I waited and waited and finally i got my being human t-shirt this morning.

my being human t-shirtBeing Human is the charity foundation owned by my superstar Salman Khan, which basically aims at spreading education to children. The day i heard about this cause and  saw my icon wearing a t-shirt carrying the cause title, i was just fascinated to wear one. Since then it was just always there. A hidden passion to be get connected with the man, with his good cause and just to be inside being human. Recently when i heard about cotton world presenting being human t-shirt and that each purchase will direct 1oo bucks to the charity, that was the day i decided to get mine. But you always need to crave to get what you are passionate about. There was only one mall where my treasure was available and that was quite far from my place. A busy week doesn’t allow me to go there and get one. Thought hard about it and finally got the answer, one of my friend stay near the mall and what was next: Convinced him someway and made him buy for me one. And finally today morning, i got my being human t-shirt. All thanks to my friend who made my day by handing me the  paper-bag which carried my treasure: my being human t-shirt. It is a lovely pink t-shirt inscribed within it “being human”. This was enough to bring a big smile on my face.

Looking at my craziness, many asked me what is the reason for you buying the t-shirt: the cause or the star. If you want to do charity, you can do it directly, why to pay that much for a t-shirt and just add 100 bucks of charity. It is just silly. All i want to say is so what? It made me happy, it made me smile and it made me feel good. I like Salman, i feel he is an angel of GOD, (ya ya irrespective of all his past notes), and like many other feelings i cant help this one too. I bought my being human t-shirt and got connected to my hero and shared with him a good cause. Do you think i need any better reason to get my t-shirt.

From ‘Prem’ of “Hum Aapke He Kaun” till his latest moves in “Ready”, i loved his all avatars. The more i liked his characters in movies, the more i loved Salman. There are many like me who love Salman and what is wrong in it. Do we ever question your liking towards your idol, your hero, your loved one, then why are you questioning mine. Yes, he is my hero and i love him. So now you guys know why i was so passionate about getting my own “being human” t-shirt. It is a way to share a cause with my own hero and i must say that it is a great feeling and i am loving it….🙂

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