Monthly Archives: August 2011

How much i will miss everyone…

One year back when i joined this place, i was numb, unsure of what was coming to me. Amidst strangers, i tried to befriend with everyone around. Everyone started building their own view points towards me. Some thought i was too dumb, few thought i was too smart, few took me as too friendly and few gave me the title of too silent. A variety of characteristics was put into me and surprisingly everything lying in the extremes. With the passage of time, i kept getting new names, titles and my list of characteristics kept on increasing. Sometimes i was a kid and sometimes the granny, at times the silent lass and at times the furious girl. Today, when i look back i wonder how come i allowed each emotion of mine to flow in this place. I was supposed to maintain a professional distance with everyone but did i really? I lost regarding this pathetically. I end up being friend with everyone and emotionally attached to each one..damn me! Continue reading How much i will miss everyone…

I miss you maa….

I miss you maa… It is very hard to survive without you in this cruel world. I am far from you, forbidden from the warmth of your hug and comfort of your lap. I miss you a lot. I am hungry mama; will you make me eat some food? Will you make my favorite dish and feed me with your own hand? Will you maa? I am tired of crying, tired of expecting and tired of being betrayed. I miss you maa… Continue reading I miss you maa….

Friendship Day

August 7, 2011: Today is friendship day as it is the first Sunday of August. (Celebrating friendship day on the 1st Sunday of August has become a global tradition in the past years). Do not get me wrong, i am not going to narrate you the history of friendship day out here, neither i am going to put up arguments setting whether it should be celebrated or not. I will just share about my thoughts and my today…my friendship day. Continue reading Friendship Day