Friendship Day

August 7, 2011: Today is friendship day as it is the first Sunday of August. (Celebrating friendship day on the 1st Sunday of August has become a global tradition in the past years). Do not get me wrong, i am not going to narrate you the history of friendship day out here, neither i am going to put up arguments setting whether it should be celebrated or not. I will just share about my thoughts and my today…my friendship day.

friendship day

I am a simple girl and i love to celebrate such days, be it celebrating valentine’s day without a valentine, rose day with my sis or friendship day with a friend or many friends. I have been enjoying these days since childhood…since the days of my school. With the start of August month, the only thing that comes to mind is friendship day, friendship band, yellow roses, gifts and obviously fun. And when i look back, i feel everything used to happen so perfectly. My best friends used to tie me friendship bands, i used to buy myself a yellow rose and at least used to get one or two gifts. And when you are a kid, a little importance with a few gifts were enough to make you happy for the whole day. Now things are so different. We expect too much and when things does not occur as per our expectations, we seem to be hurt. This is bad, but can we help it? Let’s look at today’s example.

I planned a lot of things for the day: a friendship band, a yellow flower, may be a cake, a sweet friend and the whole day. These were more than enough to make me happy, but do things always go as per your plans, no…sometimes it does not. A friendship band was there, three yellow flowers were there, cake wasn’t there but it was manageable as i had my sweet friend with me..but still things did not go well and at the end of the day, i find my eyes wet instead of a smile in my lips. What might be the reason: my overeating of chicken that caused fullness of stomach, sudden rain screwing up things, not being able to go for a movie or  just for some unknown random reason. Oh yes! there was another reason sweet friend was not that sweet today but that how he is usually..a mixture of rudeness and sweetness. Then what might be the reason: may be i expected much more from the day, i wished everything to go perfectly well and good and may be a little disappointment end up bringing tears to my eyes. Last year i was upset due to not having friends and today i am upset for not enjoying the friendship. It happens, once we are grown up we lack the enjoyment behind the smallest pleasure hoping for something big. The same thing happened to me and as a result my friendship day was not a great one this year.

I hope, everyone’s was not like mine’s and you all enjoyed your friendship day with your friends. I hope for myself too that i will enjoy my friendship day next year. In this note…i wish you all a happy friendship day, a happy friendship week and very good friendship night… 🙂

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