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Oh…I miss those yesterdays

It’s about four years since I have been staying alone in Bangalore and today, when I look back I miss those yesterdays. People say past and future always seems to be beautiful. I don’t say my yesterdays were ‘no complaints’ days. There were both good and bad days but when I look at my life today, I miss many things from my yesterdays. And when I say many, I really mean many. Just trying to frame the missing parts of my yesterdays in my today through this post.

SilenceSilent Evenings: Unlike college and university hostel days, pg days in Bangalore are silent and absolutely silent. I don’t know whether I became cranky or it’s just busy lifestyle. I was not the most popular ones in college or university but definitely among the most loved ones. I used to sit, chat and chat and chat. Time hardly meant anything for us unless it was during exams. We can talk, dance and talk and dance on any topic and on any music. The silence of present day evenings might be due to lack of friends. Not that I didn’t try making friends here but it just didn’t happen. So, I miss those talkative yesterdays’ evenings and long nights that I used to spend with my dearest friends and roomies.

ShoppingAloneShopping Alone: Oh…how can I forget those days of shopping? We hardly had money but we used to go mad about shopping. Hours and hours, we will take to decide each other’s clothes, shoes and bags. From malls and mostly from street shops, we shopped the most and shopping in a girls’ group means a scary time for shopkeepers and a fun time for girls. I still remember traveling an hour to buy a stuff of just Rs. 150. Yesterday, we were many but used to shop less; today, I am alone and I shop a lot more. 100 has turned 1000 and 150 has turned 1500. Clothes are trendy, shoes are cool, bags are expensive yet to die for, but where’s the fun? I so much miss those happy shopping days with my girls’ gang.

NoMoviesNo Movies in Theatre: Since I have been to college, there were hardly any movies that I missed out watching in a theatre. Luckily my roomies and my BFF from college used to love watching movies “in theatre” as much as I did and still do. Ticket cost used to be not more than 40 rupees and theatres used to be not as luxury as today. But trust me those days were real fun. Today, I am willing to spend a larger amount for watching a movie but no one to company. I tried watching movies alone, it’s no fun. I miss my movie mates and those yesterdays, when we used to scream and laugh at the slightest punch and cry at the not so emotional moments. Wow, I so miss those Fridays and Saturdays of those yesterdays.

NocallPhones‘No call’ Mobile Phones: I still remember my first day with my first mobile phone and days after with same and different mobile phones. I used to talk with friends till my phone becomes as hot as to burn my ears. I used to message and reply even in sleep. My mom used to call every day and my friends used to call every hour. Today, I keep my phone aside in the morning and it stays numb till the evening. No phone calls and no messages except few pings from some active watsapp groups. Last call logs include phone numbers of mom, bank guys, ecommerce guys, naukri guys but unfortunately not a single friend. I don’t blame them, how can I, as the dial logs are even worse. So, I also miss those yesterdays’ fun chat times over the phone with friends, friends and some more friends.

GreenTeaLess Junk and more Green Tea: Eat junk and still stay slim. This was a fact yesterday and a myth today. I munch less junk, eat less food and manage to do yoga and exercise for some time; still I find it difficult to maintain that slim body. Not that I have turned out giant but with skinny relatives, you know how survival with even that little flab becomes difficult. Yesterdays were full of panipuris, samosas, momos, chips and kurkure and today is filled with green tea with oats and diet flakes to garnish. I am tired of being a diet freak and I so miss those yesterdays when I was a complete junkie and used to munch anything and everything.

There are many such parts of yesterdays that are no more a part of my today and I miss them so much. I miss my friends, I miss those fun days but more than anything, I miss that old me – the girl who used to love every known and unknown person, was full of life, kept a 24/7 wide smile, had bright eyes and with a God fearing heart used to enjoy life with friends, family and herself. Today is a new me; this is not that bad but still I am trying hard to find that lost me and I believe I will find out her within me some beautiful day 🙂