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My life with Kutumunu, Happy, Puchuku and few more

Still wondering, why it took me so long to write about my love towards them? I was never a dog lover but today I feel closer to dogs than humans. I feel as if they have the sense of innocence, trust and love which we human have lost in the fast race of life. Without being preachy, let me take you through my encounters with this lovely species and introduce you to Jojo, Pogo, Kutumunu, Happy, Laila, Puchuku and Princess.

Forget about being a dog lover, I was too scared of them. I think I still am. The only difference is I have started connecting with them. After two days of meeting, I start calling them with names. I feel happy with them.

JojoandPogoLaila gave birth to Jojo and Pogo

I don’t exactly remember when it all started. Some 5 years ago, when I was still very distant from dogs I came home from hostel and met this lady dog (We haven’t named her yet) with her two new born babies. Adorable they were with shiny black fur and cute little faces. They were too small to hurt me and may be so I became closer to them faster. Within next two days, we named one as Jojo and the other one as Pogo; though it was difficult to identify which one of them was who. Jojo and Pogo were happy and used to keep us jolly till my mother thought one of them should go away. She felt bringing both of them up will be difficult and we send Jojo away with someone she knew. Pogo was with us, happy and notorious as ever. Laila, we named his mom as so, too started being a regular visitor of our home. Not many weeks passed when Pogo passed away while coming beneath a train. We staying in Railway quarters that was the worst disadvantage our pets could have. I was in hostel and my mom was heart-broken.

Kutumunu and Me – Best Friends ForeverHappy Munu

Days passed when we were still missing Pogo and I demanded we should have another black dog as a pet. It was more because of my love towards him than the astrologer in TV stating my sunsign should have a black pet. Then, we brought Kutumunu home. He became my best friend in no time and I started sharing all my feelings with him. My family members are very frank but they never bother to know about me. Kutumunu did; he used to listen to all my thoughts, worries, see me dancing, see me cry and what not. I started sharing my Kurkure, Bhujia and mixture with him; I don’t do that with everyone. When he sleeps, I used to irritate him by putting nail paints and staring at him on and on. After Kutumunu came to my life, I discovered this other side of me who could be emotional and so connected to pets. It was the day and today when I feel much closer to dogs, be it street dogs or someone’s pets. I find them lovely and adorable and they really are. Kutumunu too died when I was at Bangalore. He faced the same curse of rail tracks. More than my mom, this time I was heart-broken. I still miss him and feel this sense of loss and pain in my heart at his passing away. I miss you Kutumunu and I love you so much and I wish to meet you in Heaven after I die. I know you will be there and I will make every possible effort to reach there.

DoggieHappy became a family member

Then came Happy to our life. We named him so because we wanted him to be happy but he was the most ferocious and notorious. He was just everything but happy. He was opposite to Kutumunu but we love him the way he was. And strangely, my father started connecting to Happy. But misfortunes and misfortunes. We stay in a surrounding where most of the people find it hard to acknowledge the love you have for your pets. They make fun of them and you at the same time. Happy being a rude one soon started coming in their bad books. He wouldn’t let our neighbors goats come inside our house area and he did scare them off a many times. While we started keeping him away from such encounters, the others started taking revenge on him. My poor Happy had to face cruelty at extremes. My mom and dad gave up and decided to let him go away. It was painful for them there while it was upsetting for me here; that Happy wouldn’t be a part of our lives anymore. He was left on the way to our ancestral home and that day he was silent and calm. As if he knew, we had no choice. That was the only way we could keep him away from these heartless neighbors. But destiny had some other plans. He ended up reaching at our ancestral home. I don’t know how but today he stays with my uncle’s family and both my mom and dad keep visiting him. He is calmer today and we miss his notorious side. I pray for him and his good health. While Happy stays few kilometers away from us, Laila continues to stay with us. She is old yet classy. I love you both Happy and Laila.

HappyMy encounter with Puchuku and Princess

We have decided not to bring any pet home till we stay in that neighborhood. But I can’t get rid of the love and connection I feel towards them now. I met Puchuku and Princess on my way to office. Few weeks ago I decided to walk half a mile to my office; this was totally to stay fit and avoid gym. I met Puchuku on a bus-stop where I take the bus to reach office. He was he, but it took me days to realize that and I continued referring him as she. He was shy and serious type. I give him biscuits every morning and he eats it silently. After 2 days, he started acknowledging me with a smile. Then I met Princess on the road. She is the Queen of the road. Unaffected by anyone and anything, she sits in the middle of the road. She poses like a diva and behaves like one. Buses, cars, bikes and people have to make that extra effort to pass besides without harming her. She being her will never move away. I love her attitude and so named her Princess. Puchuku doesn’t come to the same bus-stop now-a-days; it being sunny during summers and I haven’t met him for few days. However, Princess sits in the middle of the road every morning and I smile at her. Unlike Puchuku, she doesn’t smile me back and I so love that attitude of hers. There are many like them whom I meet in my everyday walk of life. Their innocence and attitude makes me smile and make my every day. Today, when I have hardly any friend or near one in the city, I feel connected to this lovely species and feel happy and find peace within myself.

Will Rogers quoted so well, “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.”