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Episode 1: By Far The Best

May be it was the first time or is actually by far the best. My first meeting for matrimony thingy was simple and sweet till the end. Like a gentleman, he was already waiting for me in an old style cafe. Least that he knew, I hate all fancy coffees and cupcakes. I prefer a cutting chai or a cup of filter coffee more. Call me small town now, I don’t care.

I was wearing a white top with blue few things and a pair of dark blue jeans. I discarded my spectacles and was wearing contact lenses for the meeting. Not that, I look better without glasses but I don’t know why. And he paired up a casual shirt with jeans and sort of woodland shoes. Don’t ask me the colors, as I am afraid I don’t remember.

The entire 2-hr conversation was somewhat okay. At least, it was an interactive one and we both were participating. It was embarrassing when he asked me about few super seniors from my university and I didn’t have any clue who they were. That was the time when he realized that if not another generation I was years younger than him to remember his friends from my university. He spoke about varsity and the environment and I could equally participate. We had some fun laugh while I was struggling to gulp in the foamy cappuccino.

I think he mentioned about taking me out for dinner post the coffee meet. But me being ‘the me’, said no for the dinner. I bluntly lied about having a b’day party at my PG of some unknown mate. I found an excuse to leave early. The real reason was not that brutal though, but the fact that I was not used to going out for dinners with strangers. He of course was one; I was talking and chatting with him only for a week and there we were meeting each other.

I don’t recollect much from our okay conversation but I knew the guy liked me. I could make that out from his smile. The cafe was just a 5 minutes walk from my PG and when I was about to leave, the not so great ending happened. He just disappeared and I was shock or may be surprised. Left with lot of questions, I concluded he was slightly uncomfortable as we stood up. He was almost of my height or may be shorter than me. I gave the same reasons to my parents and later put it on my parents in front of him, as an excuse to not take the alliance further. However, I am not sure if it was the height thing or the selfish me who just wanted to meet few more people before taking the matrimonial decision for myself.

It’s been a year and half and I have met more people till now, had varied experiences. A few where the guy thought I was average and few where I thought the guy was not that great. However, after these meetings, I could definitely mark the first one as the best one.

And sometimes, I wish I was a little more matured at that time and a little less obsessed with tall men. I could have maKe it work and I slightly regret saying no to a matured good man. But as everyone say, marriages are made in heaven and so if it didn’t strike, it was not made there 🙂