Episode 2 – Mr. Cold

When I mentioned cold, I meant it literally and was not referring to other adjectives like being cool or chilled out. Sorry for being brutally honest but I found him quite cold.

Matrimony thingy is a complex affair. Even though few of us might be introverts, we need to speak up to let the other person know us and understand us to make a wise decision. Dude, if you are cold and mum..how do you suppose me to know you; forget about understanding you.

Mr. Cold was a decent looking guy with a decent income and seems to come from a decent family. All three decent thingies for me to give it a shot. We started chatting which was nothing less than answering a questionnaire for a nutritionist for me. What to you eat, what do you exercise, what do you like, where do you work and bla and bla. Oh yes, he did ask me ‘Are you a party person?’ My reply was honest; can’t help being one. I answered ‘I am not a party animal but I am okay with few hangouts once in a while. However, every weekend partying is not my cup of tea.’ I think he didn’t like my reply. Well, good for him.

The chat before we met was quite interesting indeed. He pinged me on a Saturday morning asking let’s meet up for lunch. I was like I did tell you that I just lazy around on weekends but that obviously doesn’t give you the right to plan a meet in few hours. I might have been busy which I think I was but more than that, I wanted him to tell me at least a day in advance. At least till we are someone to each other. I told let’s meet on Sunday..he bluntly replied no, I am busy. I said cool.

Mr. Cold repeated the same thing the week after and as usual, I was pissed off. I left him a lengthy message making it clear that I don’t want to meet him as I don’t feel any connection or seriousness from his end. For the first time, he seemed persuasive and he convinced me to meet. I so wish I was not convinced.

Mr. Cold invited me to a Starbucks few kilometres away from my place whereas there was one just a few steps away. I reached at exactly 5 pm when he casually pinged, I will be 10 minutes late. I gave him minus 5 for this stupidity. He came in late and I was already sipping a horrible tasting cold coffee by then. At the first glance, I just felt he was slightly warmer for his decent looks but he was not. He was cold, really cold.

Mr. Cold claimed to know Salsa dance form. I felt wow but I wish he could do the Ganpati Bisharjan step or some fun Bollywood steps. Strangely, I don’t remember anything much except his cold smile. He was like a food platter well garnished but without any strong feel of spice. He just need some life to his face, some spark and the urge to breathe and be himself. I just wished he could have been more human and less robot.

After the pathetic cold meeting, both of us mutually decided to ignore each other. Though my choice of words have been slightly harsh in this one, I hold no hard feelings for Mr. Cold. I wish him warmth, life and smiles for future 😊

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