Episode 3: The One with Blue Blood


Yes, what an achievement for me. One blue blooded prince showed some interest on a commoner like me 😛

He told me he is from a Royal Family and his ancestors were kings and queens. I asked him, ofcourse sarcastically, if I should call him prince. Unfortunately, he didn’t get my sarcasm and instead replied ‘yes but not much of a royalty these days’. He was a tall, good looking man. Yes, a man and not a boy – at least he talked like a matured man.

He talked to me twice and chatted not more than 5 times. Our usual conversation was always centered around how much I eat. He was slightly on the heavier side but does that mean food can be the only topic of discussion between us. After a point, I was tired of explaining that I can survive without having dinner and at times, breakfast. That won’t kill me  and it’s fine.

I didn’t find him interesting but he was a well spoken man and a man with a huge pay cheque which kept him quite high on matrimony level. But our royal prince was still a prince and not a king. He wanted me to meet his parents before he could meet me. I found it weird but as I was visiting my home, I said okay. Before the grand meeting with parents, he did matched our horoscope and checked if I am a suitable match. I guess ours matched and that’s how I cleared through the first round of interview with the royal prince.

A simple looking old Assamese couple waited for me in the Guwahati Airport along with my father and sister who came to pick me up. Every mother thinks her son is the most handsome man in the world; even K JO’s mom does but she could have spared the praises for her son’s good looks. I was not impressed with his good looks as much with his speaking abilities. The queen and the king scanned me and my nervous father; I think my sister too. The king treated us with a cup of chai and some snacks from the Airport café. We left in half an hour but those thirty minutes were good enough for them to reject me as the bride for their handsome son. I guess they didn’t like my petite physical frame, the car my father came in, my father’s nervousness, my smartness or my complexion or just all of it. I didn’t care much but I do hate the prince for ruining my holidays. All 10 days, my mother kept talking about the royal family and kept guessing my not likeable traits that might have made them reject me. I kept consoling her saying, ‘matches are made in heaven maa’. Thus happened my first rejection in the matrimony front.

When I look back and think I feel it was for the good. I am a smart, independent girl with a decent career and income. A girl with a slightly feminist heart, too much love for her parents and a little too frank – a total misfit for a royal family. Besides, I wouldn’t have looked good with the handsome but fat prince. Yes, he was not slightly on the heavier side, I was just trying to be nice.

He kept visiting my profile often even after the Airport episode. May be he liked me but sorry Prince, you are no king to make your own decisions. Good luck to you in finding your princess 🙂

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