A Special Note for the 3rd Floor Guys

3rd Floor, Main Building, Portea will never be complete for me without mentioning Mayank, Siddu, Sumbul and Shruti but I must say, everyone in this floor is awesome. I will miss you all and before I say goodbye to meet you again sometime, here’s a few lines for few of you.

Brian – The perfect gentleman

I always wonder how you can be so well-behaved and well-spoken all the time. You are such an inspiration and it’s always fun to work with you.

Surendar Ji – The cool man with a desi heart

You were one of my first lunch partners and someone who made me feel home when I joined Portea; thank you. I used to love listening to your stories about Riddhi. Your bond with her is so special and it reminds me of mine with my father 🙂

Runam – The Super Woman

How do you manage everything with a smile? I feel the clock competes with you. I will miss you during breakfasts 🙁  I still owe you a top from Siddu 🙂

Karthik Selvam – The Rude Boy

I will miss you. I am sure, we will be in touch. At least invite me sometime for lunch at your place.

Paridhi – The Ever Ready Bride

I love your straight on face answers. You are adorable the way you are 🙂

Reeshma – The Craziest Girl I have met

You are so crazy and that makes everyone love you more. I can never forget anything about you..be as you are always. I love you 🙂

Amrut & Sharad – The Cool Dudes

You both will be kids for me and I am fine with you both calling me Aunty 🙂 Boys, be good and always stay happy.

Ritu – The Beautiful Girl

When we first met to discuss about NA badges, least that I know, we will be friends. But the more I came to know about you, the more I admired you. Ritu, you are a beautiful person inside out 🙂

Shafali – The Photo Ready Girl

You are mad and you know that. Be in touch and please take care of yourself. I love you 🙂

Yeshu – The Man with an Iron Hand

Whom will you bother now for content and creative..Just kidding. Be as you are always…loud, clear and bindaas. Love for both of your daughters 🙂

Famous – The Taunting Boy

Enough of all the taunts, now let’s remain friends. Thank you for tolerating me for two years and you should thank me too for doing the same. You are a nice boy and a better friend. Take care of yourself and Sreedevi 🙂

Kushal – The Cool Kid

Yes, you are a kid. Last few days at Portea were better because you were sitting beside me. I came to know you more and knowing you was fun. Keep in touch and stay random 🙂

Kingshuk – Awwwww

Kingky, you still owe me chicken curry. I will be in touch with you for lab tests for sure.

Priyanka – My Nutritionist Friend

You are beautiful and always fun to be around. I will follow your diet as I want to look better for my wedding and after. Stay happy and cool always as you are.

Siddharth – World’s Nicest Boy

I know you are not but I love calling you that. Sorry for being rude most of the times. Trust me, I am not that bad outside office. All the best 🙂

Kotha – The Teacher

I wish you joined few months earlier so that I could learn from you more. I hope I can still call you to learn new things. You are a great team player and a great addition for the marketing team.

Vaatsalya – The girl with a golden heart

I have so much to learn from you. You bring immense positivity and I think I am a better person when I am around you. You have this habit of bringing the good out of people. Always be the way you are. I love you Vats and I will miss you 🙂

Kavita – You are special

Last but not the least, thank you Kavita for giving me an opportunity to work at Portea. All managers realize when their reportees are upset but very few dare to ask; you do. Half of my issues in the last two years were solved just by talking to you. Thank you Kavita for all the learning and support.

Goodbye all till we meet again, soon.

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  1. Thank you Soo much. You can spread happiness where ever you go as you are blessed one.

    I am sure lord will shower his choicest blessings on you through out your life. Have a blessed life..

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