The Final Episode – and I met him

When I started my matrimonial search almost 2 years back, I didn’t know this journey would be so interesting. It took me two years to meet him but we do have a small history to share. During my initial struggling days with matrimonial sites, I did sent him an interest and guess what, he pinged me back. It was not a yes but it didn’t sound like a no too. He messaged saying he is in talks with someone and though he finds me pretty, he wouldn’t be able to take it forward. So, I was officially rejected over someone else. But that message kind of touched my heart. I have rejected so many and many has rejected me but none of us have been generous enough to leave an explanation. This is how, the boy leaves his first impression. More than a year passed and I literally forgot him when I read a message in office about someone saying ‘hi’. He claimed that I have sent him an interest in the matrimony site, I do not deny because the previous day I blindly sent interest to many. You can imagine my level of frustration and pressure from loved ones for marriage. I still don’t get it how things used to revolve only around my marriage all the time. I did respond to his message but I had no clue that it is the same guy who rejected me a year back. It was next day morning when my mother told me that he is the same guy. The Hyderabad guy turned to a complete Delhite in just a year.

The next day evening we talked over the phone for an hour. Yes, our first phone conversation was hour long. We talked about school and college, mostly his college and finally hung up with a date to meet. No, it was not a date, just a date to meet. Sunday evening it was when I waited for him near a cafe and Mr. Delhi comes 7 minutes late. This was good enough reason to piss me off, but surprisingly, I was in a good mood. We went to an old school cafe lounge. We (me sipping green tea and he enjoying cold cafe) talked more. He kept talking about his love for sports, his adventurous rides and Delhi and food and Picket and food and Hyderabad and food. After almost an hour, someone called him and he walked away to take the call; another not great impression but I surely was in a good mood to ignore that too. He comes back from the call and proposes for dinner. Along with being in a good mood, I might have been hungry too because I did say yes which I usually don’t do. We went to a Biriyani place for dinner. We talked a little more about food. After dinner, we went for a walk. I should call it ‘the walk’ because it was during that walk I made up my mind to see him again. Post the meeting, we went for many walks which eventually led us take the decision of getting married. Its been almost a year since our first walk and next month, I am getting married to him.

Strange isn’t it. Great first impression over a message, 2 bad impression during first meeting and I still decide to marry him. I didn’t even like the t-shirt he was wearing on the first day. Then what made me fall for him? May be a few sparks. I asked him ‘why is he opting for an arranged marriage and he replied who said? I might be opting for love.’ He remembered that I like Biriyani when he chose the dinner place. He pulled the chair for me. May be he smiled with his eyes when he looked at me. May be I managed to figure out the child behind the 6 feet tall man in the very first meeting. I don’t know the reason for choosing him but I feel I have made the perfect choice.

They say ‘marriages are made in heaven’ and I think they say the truth.

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