The Uber Driver who told ‘Boys Log Kaminey Hote Hain’

I am one of those who feel services like ola and uber have made our lives easier. I commute to work every day by uber and I meet interesting uber drivers every day, well most of the times. On rare occasions, I meet drivers who are rude, completely unfamiliar with the route and the ones who just look stern. I do get frustrated when I meet the later type, complain and at times fight with them. Fortunately, most of the times, I meet the interesting ones – the uber driver who told ‘boys kaminey hote hai’, another one who enjoys the diversity in Indian culture, then the one who is property inquisitive. Want to meet them? I don’t remember their names but I am sure you will find them cute as much as I did.

The Uber Driver who told ‘Boys log kaminey hote hai’

Well, when I started my ride I was pretty upset. A small argument with husband, lots of work at office and a painful body from my initial stunts at the gym were good enough reasons to make me cry. For the ones who don’t know this, I cry quite often. So, I was sad with tears rolling over my cheeks when my cab driver asked me ‘Boyfriend se jhagra hua madam. Parwa nhi, boys log kaminey hote hai’. That was it. It was not funny but the way he told, lighten up everything. I wiped my tears and smiled at him, also agreeing to what he said. I was not happy but not sad either for the rest of the evening.

The Uber Driver who believes in ‘Unity in diversity’

It was a regular morning when I got into an uber cab towards my office. After just a few minutes, he asked me nasta hua madam. I told, ‘yes bhaiya tindi aaitu’. He smiled and asked if I know Kannada. I told him I just know a few basic phrases but I think he liked my effort. He appreciated my gesture and shared how he enjoys the diversity he sees in the city. He meets people from different culture every day and it seems he enjoys his job because of that.

The Property Inquisitive Uber Driver

This guy was direct. He asked if I rent the place where he picked me up from or do I own it. I told I rent and I do not have money to own one. The explanation was not needed and I have no clue why I said that. He then asked me what is the rent for the flat and how many rooms we have. He asked how much would be the cost if someone wants to buy it and then talked about property and cost in different places of Bangalore. I don’t remember the property details but he made me think for a moment that I should definitely stop buying shoes and start planning about properties.

There are many such drivers whom I meet every day. They share stories with me and at times I share mine too. We complain about traffic and admire the weather together. Sometimes, I share my chocolate or chips with them. Sometimes they give me reasons to smile and few times I bring a smile on their face. There are lot of things that I complain about life and I will keep complaining but moments like these do make me feel good about life. As they say, be happy not because everything is good but because you see good in everything.

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