Turning 30 is not difficult, 31 is!

turning old

People say turning 30 is difficult; for me it was not. But this year when I am turning 31, I am freaking out. Every morning from last few days, the Joey inside me is screaming… Why God, Why? I don’t remember feeling sad about my age even for a moment last year. May be because “turning 30” comes within quotes. It’s a fancy thing. You feel that you have grown wiser and you are the youngest one in thirties. You are determined that now you will plan your future better, save well and start speaking smartly. A year later I realize, I am still the same. I still have no plans for my future, I continue to be an impulsive buyer and all my speaking skills have reached another level of low. So yes, I am freaking out to be 31. Read on to know my ageing struggles.

Stress + Hormones = Weirdo Me

I had no idea I have so much of stress and that my hormones are as weird as me. I book an Uber everyday to office and yes, I have written a post on Uber Drivers previously, but I didn’t mention the worse side. That every day, I need to convince the driver to not cancel the ride and come and pick me up even after paying a high rate to Uber. Also, I have to keep convincing him throughout the ride that neither the road nor the traffic is my fault. Dealing with this everyday is stressful. Besides, reaching office was fun when I was younger because my colleagues were my friends. Now, I am too old to be their friend. Also, all the weekly, monthly, quarterly meetings and reports are always there to increase my stress level. So, I am always under stress and apparently stress doesn’t go well with your hormones because of which you will get weird health problems.

Age + Laziness = Fat Me

This was always a problem but in the last one year, it has increased 10x. I used to envy people with high metabolism, now, I hate them. I read it somewhere that you cannot be careless about your eating habits after 30. You should eat more of healthy food and cut down on junk. But why are my taste buds not ageing along with me. I still love Kurkure, Panipuri, Momos and Biriyani and my hatred towards fruits and vegetables have not changed at all. Besides, I have become lazy or may be I always was. I give up on myself every morning. I don’t walk, run or do any sort of exercise now. Sometimes I do go for a run just to give surprise visits to the regular runners/walkers of the society. There was a time when I used to run in the morning and do yoga in the evening. I can blame God for growing old not for growing fat, it’s me. Just that, I am angry why couldn’t God give me higher metabolism…why God why?

People + Jokes = Angry Me (Super Angry Me)

Yeah, I got married and I am putting on weight and people, it has nothing to do with me getting married. It is me eating all the junk food without working out. And when you joke around saying I might be pregnant, I get super angry. I might be smiling outside but I am hating you for life for saying that. This is the time when i don’t connect with People’s jokes. I don’t relate to the younger and older as if I am stuck in between. Also, I have more relatives and fewer friends in life now and we all know that this is not the balance we want. So, turning 31 has no perks.

But yes, it’s my birthday and I should be feeling positive. I will try ok and fine I have a ‘To Do List’ for this year too which I hope I can follow at least for a month. Bye for now folks!

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