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Single, Committed or It’s Complicated

123Single, Committed or its Complicated is the trend of today’s so called social networking world. Everyone (excluding the not so interested people), is so very interested in knowing about the relationship status of other people. He can be your first crush, the most popular guy in the school, the neighborhood hunk, the new hero in the office or, your not so good looking but smart boss. Monitoring ‘the his’ relationship status in Facebook becomes so important. And for guys, knowing the status for every girl within friends list or beyond it, is important. But why is it so? Are you going to marry the him or the her? Absolutely no (come on the person is not marriage material types ;)) So what is that person – a relationship measuring scale? Not sure. Why do we check across the status even though we know most of us, put it just for the sake of putting it.

Being Single – I am genuinely single. I am not single but I want my colleagues to believe I am single. I have too many relatives in Facebook to disclose my relationship status. My partner is not good looking enough to disclose. Why do I need to disclose I am committed? I am married but why do the other beautiful people around need to know this. I am confused with whom I am actually committed. Being Single sounds cool ……. OMG the list goes on and on and on!

Being Committed – I recently coupled with one and I am very happy. I want the world to know about my good looking partner. My partner wants me to say so. I want my EX to feel J. I want to avoid the 24*7 ready to flirt types. All my friends are committed, how can I be single. Good looking people don’t look good being single and so do me. Being Committed sounds good for me …. the list is smaller than the previous one but still long.

It’s Complicated – Last night we fought. I think I love the person but still not sure. Gosh…my partner still flirts with other people. I want my partner to know that I am not committed, so better don’t take me for granted. I am committed but our parents not gonna agree. We are giving it a second thought. Being Complicated is a trend for the day… the list is the smallest but interesting.

Forget about being engaged or married because, we are concerned only about these three – Single, Committed and Its Complicated. After knowing almost all the answers to the so called relationship status tag, I think it’s not worth it spending time looking at someone’s relationship status. But it is still fun to look at it. Click the ‘like’ icon (though we don’t like it always, at least hate it most of the times) and comment with flowery words, philosophical dialogues or just some smileys. Committed – congrats (get lost), so happy for you two (happy – my foot!), good to see you together (you are the most odd couples I have seen ever) etc. Being Single after Committed – This is the time when the life time single person too gets ready to blabber philosophically. Oh! What happened, Its ok, It happens…just move on, Are you serious? What went wrong, God has better plans for you and so on. Complicated – you guys are always complicated, lol (coz’ I have no idea what to say), I told you not to fall in love with a wink (just to lighten the taunt) and bla bla and bla…. While commenting on relationship status, we also explore all the smileys available 🙂 , 😉 , 🙁 , 😛 , 😀 ……..I guess smileys express better than words.

So, here was a small glance at the Facebook world. If we move on this way, the post will never get over and thoughts will give bulging out but i have to stop. And anyways, it’s time to go, time for Facebook digging 😛 (ignore my smiley, so used to today’s social networking world and smiley lifestyle)…. Have fun!