Way to Thoughts

The prologue

Usually a book or a novel carries a prologue. Many might think, it was not required here, but I decided to give one as per my priorities. I always crave to write something all the time, but after this blog was ready, I was just blank. Actually wanted to give the best start, however my writing comes with its own time. Therefore without waiting more, I started with this prologue.

As it is me this blog will be very obviously full of emotions and will speak about relationships, sentiments, miseries and nostalgic moments, however not always. I cannot categorize in a shot what sort of writing will be its contents, but I can surely make a hazy idea. First and foremost category will be writing with a personal touch, that for very obvious reasons. Secondly there might be writing, where my mind will pour out its opinions which are hidden in the real world though. Third sort of writing will carry my passions, all the things that I am passionate about. There might be another one where I will write about few real life personalities, criteria might be fame, friendly nature, my liking or may be the reverse; not sure of that. Besides these four categories, I will leave a space of my own, where random thoughts and writing might be penned down. Thus “way to thoughts” can be termed as just simply my writing.

This blog is dedicated to my unconscious self who will bring all the writings here through my consciousness. However, I would like to share this dedication with few. First dedication to my parents because anything me has to do with them and my lovely sister too, as the laptop which I am using for my scribbling thoughts is actually hers. Other than my family I will also share my dedication with the stupid engineer who gifted me this space of writing in the web world.

I have no idea whether anyone will like it or not but I am undergoing an optimistic feeling that this one will be good enough and many will find it worth reading. Hoping for the best, I welcome everyone to my world of thoughts, here’s my way to thoughts.

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